๐Ÿ’กXPay Pro Tech

Request, Send & Receive Tokens Made Easy.

XPay Pro Tech is a set of tools for Sending and Receiving cryptocurrency tokens in a completely hassle free and easy way.

XPay Pro Tech dApp (Decentralized Application) is backed by XPay Pro Tech De-Fi token which is an ERC20 token launched on Ethereum Network.

XPay Pro Tech Token holders will have benefits on using XPay Pro Tech dApp such as lower fees or completely free using of our services.

First version of XPay Pro Tech dApp is ready, deployed and fully functional at https://app.xpaypro.tech/

To view the current features of XPay Pro Tech, visit this section: Current Features

Please join our official telegram group for any questions or more information: https://t.me/XPayProTech

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