๐Ÿ’ผBusiness Model

There are two ways which XPay Pro Tech earns money to continue its development and to pay the project and team's expenses:

  • Token Transactions Taxes

  • XPay Pro Tech Services Fees

XPay Pro Tech Token Holders

Token holders will have the following benefits from XPay Pro Tech business model:

  • Revenue Sharing

    After we got enough volume on XPay Pro Tech services and receive an acceptable stream of revenue, We will share 60% of this revenue through XPay Pro Tech token holders who are holding 1% of total supply or more. Other 40% part will goes to our funding wallet for project expenses.

  • Using XPay Pro Tech Features

    XPay Pro Tech not-free features will have a fee (currently 0.5%) for everyone except it will be free for XPay Pro Tech token holders who are holding 1% or more of total tokens supply.

XPay Pro Tech Services Fees

  • Normal Token Sending from XPay Pro Tech dApp is and will be always FREE.

  • Transactions through Profile Page and Invoices have a small fee amount of 0.5%

  • Any services from XPay Pro Tech which use Anonymity in transaction will have a fee amount of 0.5%

Attention: All numbers, percentages and fees mentioned above might be changed with a prior notice in future.

Holders of at least 1% XPay Pro Tech Tokens can use all services for free. This option will be enabled on next versions of XPay Pro Tech dApp with a prior notification.

Currently all transactions except the notmal send feature, have a small fee amount of 0.5% for everyone.

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