๐Ÿ‘”Premium Users

Introducing XPay Pro Premium Users:

  1. Terms & Conditions

    • a) Investor should have minimum of 10,000 XPPT Tokens (1% of total supply).

    • b) Investor should hold minimum of 5 days (120 hours) to get anything from Benefits list.

  2. Benefits

    • a) Zero Fee for XPay Pro App Services.

    • b) Eligibility for Revenue Sharing Program.

  3. Notes

    • a) Revenue Sharing Program will be announced later. We are still in adoption state.

    • b) Premium Users functionality will be added to the App in future versions.

    • c) For non-Premium users, Premium features in app are still usable but will have a fee (currently 0.5% of transaction value).

Attention: All numbers, percentages and fees mentioned above might be changed with a prior notice in future.

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